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3 week course: Game Coding for Red Deer Catholic home schooled students.

3 week course: Game Coding for Red Deer Catholic home schooled students.

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This 3 week Game Coding course will feature 3 weeks of instruction.

Students will get to choose from three learning paths to fit their interest or skill level.

1) Game Coding in Scratch.

Scratch is a graphical coding engine, where students can create and share their games and animations using the platform available at

This is ideal for students who have little prior knowledge of coding.  It will introduce all the major concepts of coding but without the syntax requirements of text based language.  Concepts such as "loops", "variables", "condition statements", even advanced data types such as "lists", and "booleans" are covered.

Suitable ages: Grade 3 and up.

2) Game Coding with a 2d game engine.

This is an ideal choice for a student who has some game coding knowledge, but does not want to code entirely in text.  It is also the right choice for someone who wants some experience working with javascript™.

There are a variety of 2d game engines.  These use the combination of a graphical environment and type written code.  The graphical environment is designed with making a game in mind.  This makes the process of game making easier, but also included type written code, so that a programmer can make a game that is truly their own.

Suitable ages: Grade 5 and up.

3) Game Coding in Python

Students who choose this option will have an interest in type based coding that can go beyond just games.  Python is a general purpose language that has found utility in every corner of the programming world.

Python is something that can be used to augment your success in business, science, automation, artificial intelligence and more.  It is an easy to read type based language that is accessible to all.  A must if you seek a career in computer science and a great general purpose tool for anyone who want to make their own scripts to make everyday tasks easier.

Time: March  6th 13th and 20th from 9:30 to 12:30

#12 5579 47 St, Red Deer AB T4N 1S1, Canada

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