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Sylvan Learning Red Deer Tutoring Plus S.T.E.M. Classes & Camps.

July Special

July Special

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July Tutoring Special


Our propriety assessment pin points the learning gaps, assesses grade level understanding and assembles a curriculum to solve the problem.

... and it is FREE through the month of July.

July is a great time to assess the past school year.
You already have an idea of the direction things are headed.  If the student in your family finished the year at a lower level of achievement than was previously the norm, you probably want to find out what is causing the problem.
Our "Grade Level Academic Assessment" not only tests for learning gaps but it also questions for attitude and disposition towards learning.
It's a fantastic tool, even if you don't want to pursue tutoring as the resulting lesson curriculum can be a guide for self study, or for the parents to help at home.


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Our Staff

Sylvan Learning Centre is the largest private employer of BEd graduates in North America. Why, because anyone who can teach a classroom of 20-30 is going to do amazing things when they can tutor just 2-3 at the same table.